Who are we?

We are a Kent based I.T. solutions company founded in 2016. We pride ourselves in keeping things simple by providing a benevolent, professional and straight forward service.

We believe keeping things simple for our customers, regardless of their awareness of the I.T, allows us to deal with any issues at hand while keeping the headaches at bay. We are armed with the solutions to fix your I.T. issues.

So, in the simplest of terms, let us worry about your I.T. and clear your mind for where it matters.

Passion for Technology and Growth

Technology is our bread and butter, it is more than just a hobby, it is our passion. We have engineers with over 10 years’ experience and an ethos of keeping things simple.

We know that nothing is perfect, but we believe keeping our services comes pretty darn close.

We   what we do.

We specialise in provideing I.T. Solutions and building bespoke web/mobile applications. We love what we do and fulfilling our passion to create new things which might not have existed otherwise. If you have an idea, let us worry about the hard parts, our aim is to keep things simple.

Who We work with.

We work primarily with UK’s 83% of businesses, that turnover under £500k*. These businesses are small, busy and ambitious – keen to become one of the 17% that turnover more.

*ONS data, correct as of 2017.

Our Core Values

We have three main company values, to be integral, focused and adaptable. Our values keep us humble but most importantly customer driven.


Honesty is a big part of Ki Tech, it builds trust and transparency. We believe our customers should be aware of the truth at all times.


We are focused on delivering a benevolent and affordable service to our customers, always ready to listen and improve our customer service and satisfaction.


Adaptability means a lot to us; “to improve is to change” While perfection is never possible, we strive to adapt with strong determination and empathy – acclimatising to our customers is one of our main focuses.

The Team

Meet part of the team.

Swaye Chateau


If a team is to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals.

Connor Bayliss

Network Engineer

Mistakes are made often, but it is how you rise to the challenge and deal with them that counts.